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Harold Parmalee is played by Bruce Green in the the 2010 version of True Grit.

Character Biography[]

Harold Parmalee is one of the outlaws in Lucky Ned's gang, along with his brother Farrel Parmalee. How long the brothers had worked with Lucky Ned, though they ben working with him before they had recruited the wretched Tom Chaney. When Mattie Ross gets captured by Chaney and Ned, Harold shows up and follows them back to the camp, making various animals sounds along the way.

While at the camp, Ned talks with Mattie about her hunt for Tom Chaney, and Harold is entertaining the group with his animal impressions. Ned leaves Mattie at the camp under the watch of Tom, while Ned and the rest of the gang begin scouting the region.

However, they are intercepted by Rooster Cogburn and the brothers, along with the doctor, are given a chance to flee. They refuse and taunt Rooster, before a mounted gunfight ensues. During the fight, Harold is making bird noises and is the first too be shot off his horse and killed.


Harold is the shortest member of the gang and is fairly overweight. He has a black short beard and moustache and long hair. He wears a dark grey hat and a brown duster coat with black gloves. He had a gun belt, wears black pants and brown boots. He uses a revolver for his fight with Rooster.