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Ned Pepper is played by Robert Duvall in the 1969 film adaption of True Grit, and by Barry Pepper in the the 2010 version.

Lucky Ned Peppers Gang

Lucky Ned, seated, with his gang in the remake.

Character Biography.[]

Ned Pepper is an infamous outlaw who is well known in the Territory. He is considerably unattractive and has a slightly damaged jaw as well as obvious facial scarring.

Ned leads a Gang of Outlaws, all of which are as l as he. He is well known to Marshal Reuben Cogburn providing evidence that his crimes have gained him some level of significant Infamy.

Sometime during the events of True Grit, Ned takes Tom Chaney into his gang when Chaney is fleeing the law. They ride up into the Northern plains of the Territory on their way to locations unknown. Whilst on their way Ned is nearly killed by Marshal Cogburn during an encounter at a shack where a few of the gangs allies are taking residence when they are bushwhacked by Cogburn and several gang members are killed and Ned is forced to flee. Several days later Ned's gang captures Mattie Ross and they are confronted by Cogburn once more in a large standoff. Ned and the remainder of his gang ride up against Cogburn and in the process every other member of the gang is killed by the Marshal.

Ned however, despite being wounded by Cogburn, manages to slay the Marshal's horse and moments away from finishing the Marshal, he is shot and killed by Laboeuf from a distance greater than 300 yards.

In the remake, he is seen using a Remington 1875 and a Winchester 1866 Yellowboy.